What does Speed Leasing do?
Speed Leasing currently offers leases on 2007 – 2019 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles® and 2014 – 2019 Indian Motorcycles®. We offer low to no money down, flexible terms up to 60 months, and no mileage restrictions!

What are the benefits of leasing?
Monthly payments with a lease are generally lower than a traditional loan. At the end of your lease you can walk away with no repercussion or get on a new lease without wondering if you have equity.  With a lease, you can ride a new motorcycle every 2 – 5 years (depending on your lease term). One of the major benefits of a lease through Speed Leasing is no mileage restrictions – you can ride as little or as much as you want with no penalty!

What states do you operate in?
Speed Leasing Dealers can lease to residents of Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Check back as we expand our footprint to other states regularly!

How do I become a dealer with Speed Leasing?
Contact us at sales@speedleasing.com to become an authorized dealer.

How do I find a dealer that offers the Speed Leasing lease?
Click the link and find a participating dealer near you! 


What vehicles are eligible for the Speed Leasing program?
2007 – 2019 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles® & 2014 – 2019 Indian Motorcycles® are eligible for a lease through Speed Leasing.

What are my lease payment terms?
Speed Leasing offers 24, 26, 48, & 60-month terms, depending on the category of bike you choose. Please contact a Speed Leasing dealer partner for terms on a specific bike you are interested in.

How long does it take to get approved?
Minutes! Once your dealer submits your application, our experienced Underwriting team will respond with a decision within minutes.

Are there any fees?
Speed Leasing has the same fees as any lease: acquisition fee (this fee is included in your monthly payment), disposition fee (only to be applied if you turn your bike in at the end of the lease).

Are there any mileage limitations or restrictions
There are no mileage limitations or restrictions.

Do I need to provide a down payment?
Speed Leasing prides itself on its ability to offer low to no down payment, but sometimes a down payment may be required.

What if I have poor credit?
No worries! Speed Leasing will lease to just about anyone, even if you have poor or no credit!*

Does Speed Leasing provide a warranty on the motorcycle I am leasing?
A warranty is not included, but you may opt to purchase one through your dealer at lease signing if they offer one.

When is my payment due?
Your payments are due on the same day of the month every month. Your payment day is determined by the day you sign your lease. Example: You sign your lease on April 16th, then your payments are due on the 16thof each month.

What should I do if I am unable to make a payment?
Please contact our Servicing Department as soon as you know you are unable to make a payment at 844-390-0717, Option 2.

How often do you report my payment history to the credit bureaus?
Speed Leasing does not currently report to the credit bureaus.

Can I trade in my motorcycle during my lease term?
Yes. You can trade your bike in at any time during your lease term. See your dealer for specifics.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident or my motorcycle is stolen?
Please contact our Servicing Department at 844-390-0717, Option 2.

What should I do if I move?
Please contact our Servicing Department as soon as you know you are unable to make a payment at 844-390-0717, Option 2.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of my bike?
You will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your bike.

What options do I have at the end of my lease?
At the end of the lease you have a few options:

  1. Turn your bike in and lease a new one.
  2. Purchase your bike for the amount set at lease signing.
  3. Turn your bike in and walk away.

  *Restrictions apply. Please see your dealer for details.